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The Social Enterprise


The Gap:

Social media has had major effects on customer’s expectations and behaviors, and that as such has forced enterprises to catch up. Customers, for example, do 60% of their research into a product before they even contact a sales chap. They’re using social to gather information to make decisions. So much of the sales activity is happening without the sales person. It’s a big handicap to sales leaders if they’re not getting involved.

The Solution:

Social media is a “must-have” tool to sell, not just a “nice-to-have” capability or a hobby. It’s evolving into a critical advantage. Enterprises can use it to drive customer outreach, deal flow, pipeline management and the proliferation of decision makers in large companies, thus allowing sales leaders to manage that fragmentation by tracking and staying in touch with many more people.

The Issue:

Social media and technology more broadly, is driving significant changes that are requiring sales people to innovate. That’s a bummer in traditional work environments  Now they’re being asked to be more flexible. For example, it used to be that, a sales person would sell these huge deals to a division head and the whole company would have to use it. That still exists, but a try-before-you buy is also becoming the norm. What that means is lowering price points, creating trial versions of a product, and finding others in the organization lower down the food chain who want to try the product as a proof of concept.

Stay tuned. Solution Insights to follow soon.