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Dude, Where’s My India?

We were mentioned in an article published by The Economic Times earlier this morning, on the failure of Anna Hazare & Co., in their quest for__________? To tell you the truth, I dont know why Mr. Hazare  and Co., is even fasting now? Strange? The Truth. Yes fucking strange.

Sadly, I’m one of those majority Indian’s, who dosent really give a damn politically, bureaucratically either way.

You see the thing is theres no point writing, voicing or even debating concerns on the state of affairs of this beautiful nation. It’s got to come from within. The typical “Chalta Hain” attitude needs to change. We’re too accommodating a nation.

We need that Ashton Kutcher moment of him loosing his car, going mental, shouting, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”.

I lost my car. Have you?
We need no Anna & Co., we need us, we need you and me to do what he’s doing.

Here’s the link to the article (http://goo.gl/hEkhA).