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Live it, tout de suite


Oh! You can multitask, very cool! You hear that shit a lot. Folks juggling 3 dimensional balls in the air and then going all bling bling. Hope you getting the picture. Let me put this way, having a Facetime call on one side, sipping on your macchiato while grabbing the headlines of your daily, change the variables to your liking and you’ll know what I’m talking about.
In fact your not new to this, neither am I, nor anybody else. That eureka moment sometimes just kicks in and says “Hey!, What the fuck have you been doing boy?” That pretty much got through to me.

What I’m trying to say folks is, live that moment, live that minute, or live that experience fully. Feel it, love it, loathe it, bloody experience it. Dont let that moment just slip by, it aint’ gonna rewind my listener. If you want to drink that cup of coffee, enjoy that cup of coffee. Probably, visualize the planter nurturing that coffee plant, harvesting it, working on that coffee to get you that crave that gets you to keep sipping on it. Dont go beyond that into the factories, cause thats a sorry state. Go green!

What I’m trying to say is, appreciate the little things you do in life. Give it your all. Enjoy the moment, feel content and happy in what you’re doing, else its gonna get down to the shackles. Unlike contrary belief, living the moment is not being selfish. rather enriching.

The future is a series of nows (Hiten Shah).

Mashable in fact wrote up an article on the 98% of people who actually end up harming themselves trying to multitask. (




Dude, Where’s My India?

We were mentioned in an article published by The Economic Times earlier this morning, on the failure of Anna Hazare & Co., in their quest for__________? To tell you the truth, I dont know why Mr. Hazare  and Co., is even fasting now? Strange? The Truth. Yes fucking strange.

Sadly, I’m one of those majority Indian’s, who dosent really give a damn politically, bureaucratically either way.

You see the thing is theres no point writing, voicing or even debating concerns on the state of affairs of this beautiful nation. It’s got to come from within. The typical “Chalta Hain” attitude needs to change. We’re too accommodating a nation.

We need that Ashton Kutcher moment of him loosing his car, going mental, shouting, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”.

I lost my car. Have you?
We need no Anna & Co., we need us, we need you and me to do what he’s doing.

Here’s the link to the article (



How i got about starting this blog?

ImageNamaste. I am not much of “The” writer types. Getting into it now. High time I guess! Retyped this bloody sentence at least twice already, paused, now thinking, “I’m really doing this!” Ha!

Everyones got a blog, who dosent, even the omnipresent terrorist have their blogging going on, why not me? After all, I work in the whole digital+social sphere of things, its mandated to have a blog and blogghhh!!!

So be it. Told my lady, “I’m gonna start writing my very own blog” over a Skype conversation and quickly stalled the photoshopping/procrastination and googled, “How to start a blog”, Google does its thing and in just 0.19 seconds (freakinnn’ fast, wish my bike was that fast) shows me 145 million ways of opening a blog.Wow!

So, I quickly got started with the first listing, Entrepreneur Journey ( The article was just too much. This is lame I thought to my self. “Fuck this”. Googled “WordPress”, and here I am.

So there you go, thats pretty much how I started blogging. Nothing too much, not too much of a story either, but what the hell, I got myself a blog and its well nested @