How i got about starting this blog?

ImageNamaste. I am not much of “The” writer types. Getting into it now. High time I guess! Retyped this bloody sentence at least twice already, paused, now thinking, “I’m really doing this!” Ha!

Everyones got a blog, who dosent, even the omnipresent terrorist have their blogging going on, why not me? After all, I work in the whole digital+social sphere of things, its mandated to have a blog and blogghhh!!!

So be it. Told my lady, “I’m gonna start writing my very own blog” over a Skype conversation and quickly stalled the photoshopping/procrastination and googled, “How to start a blog”, Google does its thing and in just 0.19 seconds (freakinnn’ fast, wish my bike was that fast) shows me 145 million ways of opening a blog.Wow!

So, I quickly got started with the first listing, Entrepreneur Journey ( The article was just too much. This is lame I thought to my self. “Fuck this”. Googled “WordPress”, and here I am.

So there you go, thats pretty much how I started blogging. Nothing too much, not too much of a story either, but what the hell, I got myself a blog and its well nested @




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